Yeah, I’m still around…

Boy oh boy, time does fly. I had all kinds of plans to keep this site up to date throughout the year.  Nope. I’ve been incredibly busy shooting, editing, and pursuing other interests (acting and […]

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35mm Film Roll #3 – Tri-X

Hey gang, it’s been a while but here’s an update for you! I’ll try to avoid going a year between blog posts again.  Here’s a roll of Tri-X film that I took with me around […]

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Time for something new

Hello! As you may have noticed, if you visited my site before, it’s different now! I am excited to roll out my new website design, and with it, hopefully much more regular updates and posts.  […]

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Julie & Nick’s Wedding Day

Julie & Nick got married on a perfect May day in Springfield, Missouri. The wedding setting was the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden at Nathanael Greene Park. It’s a gorgeous spot that’s absolutely worth a visit if […]

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Jana in the studio

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog! Jana and I are in the midst of planning our wedding so I haven’t had a lot of spare time for much else. But I […]

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Springfield Live Nativity Pageant

Last month I had the privilege of being able to shoot photos for the annual Springfield Live Nativity pageant, held at Corwin Arena in the fairgrounds.  It’s a fantastic event held in early December that […]

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35mm Film Roll #2

Just got my second roll of film back from being developed (someday I’ll be able to do it myself).  This was Kodak Tri-X 400, pushed to 800 ISO.  I think I like the results but […]

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Road Trip: Minnesota & Wisconsin

In September I road-tripped with Jana’s family to Minneapolis for her cousin’s wedding.  A few of us also took a day trip over to Green Bay to visit Lambeau Field.  There’s a lot more corn up there […]

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Macros – Praying mantis & crickets

I figured I’d share some macro shots I got a couple months ago.  This was an exciting one.  I walked outside to test out my new lighting rig, and lo and behold, there was a praying mantis […]

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35mm Film Roll #1

So I picked up an old Canon AE-1 (not the Program) from the Craigslist a little bit ago, and I have been messing around with some 35mm photos.  It’s such a different approach than digital. […]

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